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By the title of this post you can already expect what I’m talking about, yep the “elephant in the room”. The dreaded TBR. I don’t think you’re ready for what I’m about to say, I’m ashamed (lol only slightly) but my TBR stands currently at a whopping total of 1,741 books.

One thousand, seven hundred and forty one…

One thousand, seven hundred and forty…..

One thousand, seven hundred…

One thousand, seven….

One thousand….


Yep, I can’t believe it either, let’s ask ourselves, how did we let it get so bad and I have four amazing reasons which i’m sure a lot of you will be sitting there thinking “OMG KATHERINE, THOSE REASONS ARE MY REASONS TOO!!!!1111” ?

1. Goodreads.

Yep, I’m incredibly active on goodreads, constantly posting myself, liking other people’s posts and reviews and that little “want to read” button just looks at me constantly begging me to click it and the next think I know I have and well, you get the jist of it really.

Pretty much if you are friends with me on GR it may be your fault, I may have read one of your reviews and added that book to my TBR, you could be one of those 1,741 books! ??

2. Booktubers.

I’m late to this whole scene having only started watching booktubers I’d say over the past month, but my favourite videos are those books hauls or the upcoming releases and the next thing I know I’ve added twenty books to my TBR!!!

3. Authors.

We all have our favourite authors, don’t we?
And when those favourite authors bring out a book, even if you aren’t 100% sold on the book just yet, you add it to your TBR because it’s them and you’ll read anything they write.

*cough* Kaisie West, Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J Mass*cough*.

4. Upcoming Releases.

There are so many awesome books being released next year, whether it’s part of a series I’ve been reading or a new book all together that sounds amazing and I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT, I just have to have it added onto my TBR.

So as you can see, I like to blame everyone buy myself, but it’s pretty much my fault for wanting to read ALL the books.

I’d love to see you guy’s down in the comments for any tip’s on coping with such a large TBR, or just to chat in general! ?

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  1. ha, same here! my tbr has exceeded 2000 so that’s a bit unfortunate. ONLY A BIT THO bc books are life. one day we shall overcome our tbrs.
    i’m not that prone to adding upcoming books but may i suggest another influencer? the bookstore. i walk into Chapters or Indigo or any other bookstore and i’m just casually gliding my eyes over the books, doing my own thing, minding my own business, and then. a title or a cover catches my eye and i just HAVE to go on GR and decide to tbr it or not based on the summary. the library has the same effect.
    alas, katherine, do not give up hope. we totally got this 🙂

    1. 2000?
      i never thought about that!!!
      mostly because i do tend to get most of my books from amazon because lazy girl problems, but i am going shopping soon soooooo, you never know!!!

      oh hell yeah, we totally got this!!
      *weeps in the corner*

  2. i’ve found amazon can be the devil too. all these ridiculously low prices compared to the paperbacks and hardcovers have me clicking the “buy now with one click” button on excessive levels

    NO REALLY BOO WE TOTALLY GOT THIS in a few decades, i mean lool *brb, wailing into the abyss of the infinite tbr*

    1. oh god yes
      and what’s worse with amazon is the
      3 paperbacks for £10
      i can never resist that deal!!!
      half the time i buy books that aren’t even on my tbr! :’)

  3. Goodreads will be the death of me. I try to avoid looking at the 2018 releases, but I can’t resist. I’ve even started to add 2019 releases. Help me! I’m also a sucker for a pretty cover, which results in me adding far too many books. I’m actually planning on going through my Goodreads to-read shelf and clean it up. I know there’s a ton on there that realistically I am never going to get to or I’m just not interested anymore.

    1. I know right!
      Goodreads is the devil sometimes, but it’s like a good devil? like i just don’t want to not go on it!
      oh yeah, i haven’t even looked at the 2019 releases yet, my tbr isn’t ready xD
      tbh that’s probably what i should do, there is probably a ton of books that i’m not interested in reading anymore!

  4. So… Is this owned, or just your wishlist? Cause I’m not even looking at my wishlist 😀 no, but honestly. That would be a silly thing to do cause I would probably get a panic attack xD what is funnier is that I have 550+ OWNED books. Okay, so most of them are ebooks, but that doesn’t make them less unread 😀 at least they don’t take up space, huh.

    And hey, it’s totally cool to buy anything and everything by a trusted author (*cough* Neil Gaiman *cough*) because they’re almost sure to never let you down! It’s a good strat.

    What are some of the ARCs you’ve requested already for 2018?

    P.S. Just followed you on WordPress 😉 although you might want to add a follow button, cause I can’t find one and had to put your blog in the reader manually 😀 follows are important! Are you new on WordPress? 🙂 (I’m only saying that cause I’m not seeing a lot of posts 🙂 ) cause I can help you figure out the button stuff. Oh yeah, and what’s your Twitter? I’ll follow you too 🙂

    1. Can you imagine if I owned that many books to read!!!
      id say 600 are on my wish list and the rest are owned either hard copy or on my kindle which I tend to ALWAYS forget about!

      if you read your favourite other’s books technically they shouldn’t count towards your tbr because no matter what you are going to read them!!

      I haven’t requested any yet, how about you are there any you really want to get?

      Yeah, I’m new to the blogging world, my other half help me set up this whole blog but nope, I don’t think I have a follower button 🙁
      I don’t have twitter, i should probably get it eventually xD

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