Bad Girls with Perfect Faces (Arc Review)

I think this is the first YA thriller I have read in a long time that I really enjoyed and was completely gripped from start to finish. ? If dark psychological contemporary thrillers are your thing then you really need to add this to your list straight away because you are going to be blown away. Bad Girls With Perfect Faces was such a surprise for me and I fell in love with the realistic characters that Weingarten created.

Trying to write a review for this while trying not to give away any spoilers will be difficult but I’ll do my best ?

The characters in this book are wildly complex and the narrative is so interesting and goes so well with each other. I do think that you need to go into this book without knowing anything other than its genre, I think the surprise element is best for this book. I read a bit of the blurb and that was about all I read as I didn’t want to know anymore, I liked going in not knowing what was going to happen.

The fact that Sasha pretends to be a guy online to seduce Ivy I think was a great storyline to this, it made the whole book feel even more real because getting catfished is a real thing and happens to often, this book alone is a message to be careful who you talk to online, especially if you plan to meet up!

What I loved most about this book was of course as I’ve said before the characters, they are so real – they are teenagers who jump to conclusions, make huge mistakes and try to fix them while making them even worse. I loved the friendship between Sasha and Xavier, even though she had feelings towards him she didn’t let it ruin their friendship and she never crossed the line, there friendship was so wonderful and authentic I loved reading about it.

Then there is Ivy ☠ who I liked a lot less than anyone else, she wasrude and clearly didn’t care about anyone’s feelings – especially Xavier who she is supposed to love who she doesn’t treat well at all. She infuriated the hell out of me throughout this book.

This book shows us what true friendship is and the lengths we will go to protect those we love. I highly recommend this book to anyone! ☺️

➡️ thank you to Egmont publishing and netgalley for the arc in return for an honest review.

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    1. thank you so much!
      it really was an interesting tale of friendship, at what lengths do you go to protect your friends??? 😮
      hope you get a chance to read it soon 🙂

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