Undercover Princess (The Rosewood Chronicles #1) – ARC Review

Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn
The first book in the Rosewood Chronicles series.
288 Pages.
My rating -3.5*-5*
‘When fairy tale obsessed Lottie Pumpkin starts at the infamous Rosewood Hall, she is not expecting to share a room with the Crown Princess of Maradova, Ellie Wolf. Due to a series of lies and coincidences, 14-year-old Lottie finds herself pretending to be the princess so that Ellie can live a more normal teenage life.

Lottie is thrust into the real world of royalty – a world filled with secrets, intrigue and betrayal. She must do everything she can to help Ellie keep her secret, but with school, the looming Maradovian ball and the mysterious new boy Jamie, she’ll soon discover that reality doesn’t always have the happily ever after you’d expect…’

First things first let’s talk about how beautiful this cover is?
I meant seriously, I can’t stop staring at it it’s so bloody nice to look at. ??
This is probably one of the prettiest books of 2017 for me, it’s that pretty that I’m tempted to buy the physical book so it can look all nice on my bookshelf!!! ?

There is always a bit if apprehension when a “youtuber book” comes out but I didn’t mind, it’s nice to see them branching out and doing something different and it’s obvious to me that Connie does have quite a natural talent for writing and that she enjoys doing it.

Undercover Princess it the perfect mix of boarding school life, mystery, drama, love, friendship and of course – being a princess. This book is very cliché with a lot of the usual YA tropes but after reading a lot of fantasy books recently I actually ended up enjoying this book a lot more than I would have usually!

I enjoyed the friendship between Ellie and Lottie, I thought it was sickly sweet which was adorable!! ?

A few issues I had with this book was the idea of a rebellious princess which is what Ellie is supposed to be, I found she wasn’t what I imagined her to be? I mean there were bits when she showed her ‘rebellious’ side like braking into a few places and what not but she never really got in trouble for it? Which shocked me since the boarding school is supposed to be very strict.

Everything happened so quickly in this book!!!

Which was okay when I thought it was going to be a standalone but turns out it is a series??
So yeah, I was just surprised how quickly everything happened, Lottie goes to school, has a roommate, becomes a portman, acts as a princess the end.


I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this book because I did enjoy it, sure it had a few issues but it was a nice quick read which I read with a smile on my face 😀

️ thank you to Penguin Random House UK and netgalley for the arc

Have you got this book on your TBR?
If you have read it what did you think? 🙂

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  1. I will agree about the cober 🙂 a youtuber book? Woah, I totally hadn’t heard about that. But this book sounds cute, although I normally tend to pass on the cliches and tropes.

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