A Taxonomy of Love – Arc Review


A Taxonomy of Love by Rachael Allen
My Rating – 4*-5*
‘The moment Spencer meets Hope the summer before seventh grade, it’s . . . something at first sight. He knows she’s special, possibly even magical. The pair become fast friends, climbing trees and planning world travels. After years of being outshone by his older brother and teased because of his Tourette syndrome, Spencer finally feels like he belongs. But as Hope and Spencer get older and life gets messier, the clear label of “friend” gets messier, too.

Through sibling feuds and family tragedies, new relationships and broken hearts, the two grow together and apart, and Spencer, an aspiring scientist, tries to map it all out using his trusty system of taxonomy. He wants to identify and classify their relationship, but in the end, he finds that life doesn’t always fit into easy-to-manage boxes, and it’s this messy complexity that makes life so rich and beautiful.’

This book was adorable…

I knew I wanted to read this book as soon as I read the blurb and saw the amazing cover, so when I saw it to request on Netgalley I jumped at the chance to receive a copy of it to read and review ?

I really enjoyed the writing in this, I like how the books tarts off when Spencer and Hope are just thirteen and follows there story, the final chapters being when they are nineteen, it was done so well and I didn’t find it confusing to follow at all. The layout of this book was really interesting too, it went from Spencer’s POV to letters from Hope to her sister Janie and messages between the two of them. I also loved the little taxonomies that Spencer writes out, they were so cute and fun to read.

The characters were really interested, especially Spencer our main character, watching him grow up while living with Tourette’s syndrome, we are following his relationships with his best friend Hope, his brother, his father and step mom. He was just a lovely character and I was rooting for him so much, I just wanted things to work out for him, he deserved a happy ending! ?

I also really loved Hope and I thought she was also an interesting character – with Hope’s story I like how the grief is handled, Hope does go through it in her very own way which I think was great because everyone deals with loosing someone differently.

So why not five stars you say?
That’s because I myself do not have tourettes syndrome, nor do I know anybody with it so I can’t actually say if it’s been handled well or anything like that, so that’s the only reason I haven’t given this book the full five stars.

Overall, this was a lovely coming of age book and I highly recommend it 😀

➡️ thank you to Amulet Books publishing and Netgalley for the arc in return for an honest review.


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