Wonder Woman Book Tag


Yep, it’s tag time! 🙂
I’ve seen this tag around a while now, it’s pretty old but it looked like fun so I thought, why not?!

1. Wonder Woman: Your favorite badass female book character

Mia Corvere – Nevernight by Jay Kristoff.
I mean come on?
You wouldn’t mess with her, and you would definitely run away if you saw her in a dark alleyway.
Or I would anyway :’)

2. Fantasy Island: A book setting you want to escape to

Hogwarts – Harry Potter by J K Rowling.
Come on, don’t deny it, we all want to go to Hogwarts – me especially.
I’m still convinced my letter got lost in the post and the life i’ve been living has been a lie all this time.

3. London: A hyped book that let you down

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.
Just no, we didn’t get along.
The amount of five stars reviews it has on GR from my friends and other people did shock me, I just wasn’t that keen on the book, the only good thing about this was Warner.

4. Steve Trevor: A book that has a beautiful cover and a great story (i.e. great personality)

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard
and i adored the actual book too, yay!

5. Lasso of Truth: A book you hated

The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen.

6. Wonder Woman’s Shield: A book so sad you need a shield

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes.
It broke me 🙁

7. No Man’s Land: A book that you want to send through No Man’s Land (i.e. shoot it to death)

See number 5 and it would be that book!!!!!

8. Ares: A villian that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate

Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo.
I just love The Darkling even though i’m supposed to hate him!

9. Dr. Poison: A villian that has no reason to exist.

I have no idea, none. 🙁

10. The Amazons: A book that you wish had more/better LGBT+ representation

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.
I’d have loved to have seen some LGBT+ in this series!  

11. Justice League: What superhero book friends do you tag?

Since I didn’t get tagged, if you want to do it go for it! 🙂



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