top ten tuesday // books i like but can’t remember anything about it

Like so much!!!
A few weeks ago I was sorting out my bookcases and the number of books I picked up that I couldn’t remember a thing about was crazy, I think some rereads are in order this year πŸ™‚


1) Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Okay,Β so this book I intend to re-read this year (hopefully) anyway, I don’t remember much but I gave it three stars the first time around so I don’t think I enjoyed it, I remember it just being very slow paced and I wasn’t feeling something slow at that point. After reading such great reviews about not only this book but the rest of the books in the series so although I don’t remember much I shall 100% be picking this up again for a reread, watch this space and all that jazz πŸ™‚


2) Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman

Okay, off the top of my head without looking at my old review on Goodreads I think this about a girl who goes to a camp andΒ her best friend has died that summer? BOOM I WAS RIGHT. well, half right is about a summer camp for troubled teens and it’s her sister that dies not her friend so pretty close. I think I enjoyed it when I read it start of last year as I gave it 4 stars but I can’t remember anything that happened. Apparently according to my review past Katherine found the first half boring and the second half really good xD

3) I Was Here by Gayle Forman

HER FRIEND DIES IN THIS ONE. I knew a friend died in one of the books I read, I just couldn’t remember which one. Other than that was what happened in the book (it’s not a spoiler, it’s written in the blurb) I don’t remember a single thing, apparently, I rated it 3.5 stars so I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other two books. Past Katherine thought that the plot was overdone and was overshadowed by the romance, wow! Past Katherine wasn’t easy to please by the sound of it! xD

4) This Lullaby by Sara Dessen

I feel like this was about a wedding? I don’t even remember, it was my first book I read by Sara Dessen and I remember really enjoying it at the time. RIGHT, so according to the blurb her mom is on her fifth husband so maybe that’s where I got weddings from, turns out the main character is Remy and her love interest is Dexter -I REMEMBER NONE OF THAT. But, I gave it four stars at the time so I must have really enjoyed it when I read it! Maybe I’ll give it a reread and see what I think this time around πŸ™‚


5) Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales

When sorting out my bookshelf I actually had to check Goodreads to see if I had read this book and it was on the wrong bookcase (I have a bookcase of read books and one of to-read) but it turned out I have no idea what it’s about, even now after reading the blurb not long ago I still can’t remember what it’s about. I gave it three stars and in my review, I talk about how annoying the main character is and her family and that I didn’t really like the plot. I was generous though and gave it 3 stars?

6) My Hearts and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

I think this may be a book that has a mental illness in, I’m not 100% sure, I’m going to definitely have to check Goodreads for this one! Okay, so looks like at the time I read it I gave it 4 stars!! It’s a shame I don’t remember much more about it πŸ™
It’s about suicide by reading the blurb so it’s for sure a content warning on this book so if you do plan on reading it, be careful.


7) Lady Renegades by Rachel Hawkins

I loved the first book in the series, Rebel Belle was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend that book, read it seriously, you’ll thank me later, it’s hilarious!!! This book, of course, follows our main character Haper and her boyfriend David but that’s about it, when I read it I know I loved it but whether it’s because it’s part of a series or what but I clearly remember everything about the first book but not much about the rest, I think I may have to re-read this series πŸ™‚

8) Inside Out by Maria V Snyder

The only thing I remember about this book was that I bought it because it was 99p on kindle or it was free, one of them anyway πŸ™‚ Apparently I gave it 3.5 stars according to my review as it felt like a very rushed book! But yeah, I can’t remember much about this book but I have started one of her other books Poison Study and I am loving it, highly recommend! πŸ™‚



9) The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The one thing I remember about this book is that I didn’t like it, I can’t remember for the life of me why I just know that I ended up DNFing halfway through, according to my review it was an “it’s not you, it’s me” thing with this book. I am tempted to maybe pick this up again as I’ve heard such good things about this book by lots of people on Goodreads and I believe that Julie is releasing a new book this year that sounds super interesting πŸ™‚


10) The Suffering Tree by Elle Cosimano

This is another book that I don’t remember anything about other than the fact I didn’t like it. According to Goodreads, I gave this 2 stars (which means I reaaaalllyyy didn’t like it). I thought there was no build up to the story and there was no character development and it was boring. Wowww, salty Katherine. That’s one book I for sure won’t be picking up to re-read anytime soon xD


So, do you agree with any of the books on my list?

What books have you read that you remember barley anything about?

Let’s chat in the commentsΒ 💖💖💖💖💖💖


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  1. I barely remember anything usually too.You’re not alone! I actually loved Red Rising, but I read it super early pre-release and this year I was just like…??!? What the heck was it even about.So I’m rereading (AND LOVING IT) but it’s basically like reading a whole new book because I remember nothing. Oh dear I’m so bad hahaha.

    I also wasn’t particularly impressed with I Was Here.

  2. Totally agree with I Was Here and literally anything by Sarah Dessen! Honestly I hate that I forget about books so quickly… I go through my Goodreads and look at ratings and have absolutely no idea why I loved or hated a book…. I think if Goodreads didn’t exist to tell me I’d already read a book I would read it again without realising it was a reread…. Crazy!

    1. I 100% agree, I think recently a book has to really blow my mind for me to remember it, I think my tastes have changed too as I’ve gotten older so I’ve just forgotten about a lot of the books I read early last year xD

  3. AAAH. This topic is one of the first Top Ten Tuesdays I did in a while and I, too, was shocked by JUST HOW MUCH I DON’T REMEMBER. I guess it’s a side effect of reading too much? (Is there even such a thing?)

    This is a lovely post! I tried reading Red Rising but couldn’t get past the first 100 pages and I DON’T KNOW IF I WANT TO READ IT AGAIN? Should I?


    1. A side effect of reading too much is totally a real thing, and if not it should start being a thing!!
      I’ve heard such good things about Red Rising from so many different people so I am tempted to pick it up again πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve read The Iron King, My Heart and Other Blackholes, and Lady Renegades, I love them all πŸ™‚ Not so much with Red Rising though, I couldn’t even finish it… Some of the book I forgot about are Cinder and Throne of Glass, I need to reread them this year too πŸ˜€

    1. I loved the Rebel Belle series, the first book was so good and funny!
      Yeah, I don’t remember a whole lot from Cinder, but I know I loved the whole series so I would love to re read them again one day πŸ™‚

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