let the sky fall // cool powers but awful romance :(

let the sky fall by shannon messenger
published 5th march 2013 by Simon pulse


i feel like i’m reading a lot of 3 star books lately and it’s pretty sucky, not gonna lie. I’m still not sure how i feel about this just yet, like i don’t love it and i wouldn’t say i hate it, i’m just left somewhere in-between which doesn’t mean this is a bad book at all.

one of our main character is vane, half the time i thought he was good and the other half i thought he was a complete idiot. i felt like he had the most personality out of all the characters, and i liked that he sounded like a teenage guy instead of transforming into some hero who knew all the answers. that being said he is also so annoying and is obsessed with Audra and the idea of her wearing skimpy clothes? like please give it a rest, it was funny the first time but i don’t need to hear about it every other chapter, please stop 🙂

“We were two broken, incomplete people. Now we’re one. No one will ever understand me the way she will. No one will ever understand her the way I will.”

Audra who is our second main character (it’s from two POV’s) i didn’t really like. it thought she was very one dimensional and lacking in personality, i don’t know if she was made that way because of all the guilt she feels because of what happened that day so she became sort of one dimensional because of that fact but i don’t know, i just didn’t really like her very much. she bugged me a lot, like so much. i felt like considering she was supposed to be vane’s guardian to make sure he was looked after and to help with with his new powers it was very much “about her” and it was super frustrating.

as for the romance other than the fact it was a whole bucket load of insta love i also saw no chemistry between the pair? like what did they see in each other i just didn’t get it. Vane was practically in love with her before he even met her which i thought was bloody ridiculous but whatever.

“Infinite possibilities. And none of them matter.
What matters is here and now.”

there were a lot of good things about this book, the general wind power thingy (I’m not sure if it has an actual name for it???), that bit was awesome and the battle and the idea of the world sort of ending if the bad guys win was so interesting, that bit made me want to continue reading because it was super interesting.

overall it wasn’t an awful book, there were a few bad tropes in it that i didn’t really enjoy and i’m not sure if I’m going to carry it on but we’ll see! 🙂

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