top ten tuesday // i ramble about bookish couples i love

so I was trying to mix this up but it’s basically going to be my favourite couples, there cute moments and my all time OTP’s because i just love all things cute and fluffy and romantic and all that sort of stuff!!!


1 ) the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue

okay, so I read this book late last year and it seriously blew me away, I was so surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it as I haven’t reading read anything historical for a long time, obviously I cannot say how accurate things were when it came to the history of it but I still loved it. monty + percy were just perfect for each other, I think they are in the top 5 of my favourite m/m romances as I just loved them they are so cute and the scenes together in the book are just amazing, they are so cute and fluffy and also incredibly hilarious and I throughly recommend this book to anyone!!!

2 ) lady midnight

tbh, it’s probably the dark artifices series in general for this one?? like the amount of cute and adorable romance(s) in this book is crazy, my heart bleeds for emma and julian, like pleaaasseee cut them a break and give them a happy ending, i need this like crazzzzzy! I also love mark and Christina and I’m crossing my fingers for something cute to happen between kit and ty, like please. basically, I want so much from the next book it is ridiculous!!!

3 ) the moral instruments

okay, so clary + jace, Simon + izzy and Magnus + Alec for sure share a cute stop in my top OTP, like I love every single one of them howeverrrrr I do say that with a pinch of salt as I haven’t read the series in forever. I do plan to re read this series soon so watch this place as I’m excited to see if I change my mind about any of this. I do love Magnus + Alec so much tho, they are super cute!! and I really like them in the shadowhunters series even tho I’ve only seen the first season of that then stopped?? (someone please tell me if I should carry on because I’m so unsure???)

4 ) harry potter

everyone has the official number one otp that can’t be topped and for me Hermione and Ron are this, like I love them so much – although there was a period while reading the books that I totally hipped Hermione and harry together I’m still over the moon that ‘mione and Ron got together, like thank you j k Rowling for setting that ship to sail THANKYOUUUU. but yeah, basically they are my all time favourite couple and every time i read the books when they kiss after getting rid of the horcrux I seriously have the biggest grin on my face it’s amazing (and probably a little pathetic???)

5 ) shatter me

I have the biggest love/hate relationship with this book, I for sure want to re-read soon and go in with a big open mind but I hate Juliette. that being said I absolutely love Warner and although Juliette is a stupid annoying little brat I ship them together so bad. like I am so excited for restore me so I can finally see what happens and if I heard right I think we get something from warners pov?? LIKE YES PLEASE SIGN ME UP RIGHT NOW.

6 )Β simon vs

okay, this book gave me all the cute feels and I ship Simon and blue so much like thank you becky albertalli for creating such a wonderful book with such an amazing cast of characters. I’m equally excited for the film to see how much it differs/doesn’t differ from the book and there are so many awkward but cute moments in this book that I could probably write a whole post on them!!! (lol, better not), but yeah — if for whatever reason you haven’t pick this up yet PLEASE DO, like it’s life changing im sure of it.

7 ) the raven boys

I’m only on book two, I do have the other two of my shelf to pick up but even so I love Gansey and blue, like I’m really hoping Maggie gives them a happy ending because I’m going to be so upset if they don’t get one. I’m also crossing my fingers for something to happen with Ronan and Adam?? like how cute are they together guys? let the ship sail because I 100% support them as a couple, Ronan’s so moody and destructive and Adam is the complete opposite and it’s just lovely and cute and perfect and yes please.

8 ) they both die at the end

I read this book I January and it blew me away, like Mateo and Rufus are seriously such incredible characters, Adam silvera has done such a good job creating two amazing characters, and even though the title should have obviously prepared me for what was going to happen I still wished that they had more time together because although there romance was so short it was obvious how much they truly cared for each other and I shipped them so bad together it’s ridiculous, I just love them both so much!!!

9 ) the cruel prince

the love to hate amazing trope in this book between our sarcastic little prince and our badass main character??? ugh yes, I loved this book and the romance was amazing and slow burning and just so good. I have high hopes for the second book even thought I have to wait 20 billion years (1 year and however many months) but I’m also prepared to be crushed and ruined by said book and I can’t wait. I just love them together so bad and please read this book and enjoy the cute romantic swoony scenes, the slow burn romance andddddd the just the awesomeness of Jude and cardan (his name reminds me of cardamon and I keep calling him that in my head…)

10 ) stalking jack the ripper

I keep looking at hunting prince Dracula on my shelf and keep wondering why I haven’t picked it up yet. Thomas and Audrey are actual goals, the banter and the romance and just the general friendship these two have is perfect for me, he is sarcastic and stubborn and so so so charming and Audrey is fierce and brave and probably just as stubborn and head strong as Thomas is and I just love them together, there romance is just so perfect and they are in my top 5 OTP’s and I can’t wait to finally pick up the second book (and order the third) like so, so, soooooooooo cute.

Who are your all time couple’s / OTP’s, I’d love to see below in the comments! πŸ™‚
hopefully we have some that are the same and we can fangirl together over how cute they areeeee!Β 😍😍😍😍

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  1. I still need to read HUNTING PRINCE DRACULA too!! But I love Thomas and Audrey– they’re so fun together. I need to read the last Raven Boys books still, but I kind of liked Blue and Adam even though I KNEW it was going to be Blue and Gansey. I’m a rebel like that πŸ™‚

    1. YES, I need to read it so badly, I think I’ll try and read it next month but who knows xD
      Ahh, I liked blue and Adam in the first book but he has gone a little weird in the second book?? its weird xD

  2. I finally broke down and bought a copy of The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue when Amazon had it on sale for $1.99 (I’m broke and sad), so I can’t wait to start it – it’s getting a lot of attention today.

    Also… I think I tricked myself into thinking Harry would wind up with Hermoine, but I can live with her and Ron. It’s a lot like my relationship with my husband: I’m the bookworm and he’s the annoying redhead. πŸ™‚

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thanks!

    1. $1.99 is a bargain, I hope it lives up to your expectations!
      ahhh, I did love her with harry, I thought they would have made a great couple xD

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