let’s chat // arcs and all that stuff???

hi everyone! I hope to make Sunday discussions a “thing” but I’m also pretty useless at being organised over these last two months that it might not actually happen but we will see.

today I thought we could chat about arcs, all the good stuff, the bad stuff and everything in-between! 🙂


I do, I just can’t help it! I get major arc envy when I see someone reading a book that I would love to get an arc of (children of blood and bone currently….), and I can’t help but them compare my blog to theres WHICH IS NOT THE THING TO DO. I need to stop comparing myself to others and love my blog and all it’s content regardless of if I get an arc for something or not.

I have to admit, netgalley is my life line when it comes to e-arcs and I would be lost without the website, edelweiss is a total different kettle of fish (lol) because I don’t really understand the whole website AND I HAVE BEEN ON THERE FOR LIKE 6 MONTHS AND HAVE ONLY GOTTEN 2. someone please show me your ways on edelweiss and help meeeee 🙁

I think I’m slowly learning that getting arcs or not getting them doesn’t make my blog worthless, I love my little blog and every single little follower I have on here!


they really are, or at least I find them stressful, you should see my notes on my phone they are a list of arcs from netgalley and when they are published and usually im so behind and I get so stressed because I always like to post my review a few days before so if you are not sure if its for you when you look at reviews mine will be up there weather its bad or good!



  • you get to promote the book and the author and get there book on other people’s radars and it’s a lovely feeling isn’t it?
  • most of the arcs i actually have gotten have all been e-arcs which means I can pretty much read them wherever I want, I can read them while I’m in the bath, while I’m at work you name it 🙂
  • requesting e-arcs is actually pretty easy, netgalley is my saviour for requesting arcs and a lot less daunting that requesting from a publisher which I find really difficult and never know what to say.
  • thanks to netgalley and edelweiss you don’t have to have a huge following to get an arc which is a lovely feeling for little blogs like mine!


  • as per my first point, you get jealous, it happens more often than not sadly and it does put you in a bit of a downer.
  • you compare yourself to others that have received arcs and you haven’t, wondering what’s different and all that stuff.
  • I’ve seen arcs being sold recently??? like what are those people even doing? don’t they realise that they will make it harder for bloggers to actually get arcs if they continue to do this!!
  • its can be incredibly stressful.

So basically, I have a big love/hate relationship with ARC’s and I’ll probably have one for a long time but I’m working on the self love and all that good stuff 🙂

I’d love to hear your opinion or ARC’s, do you love them or hate them? Do you have similar thoughts/insecurities as me? 🙂

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  1. Six months on Edelweiss and you’ve already gotten two ARCs? That’s more than me in YEARS, trust me you are doing great hahaha 🙂
    I have very similar insecurities when it comes to ARCs. I’ve been getting a bit better about it, but sometimes it still stings, seeing a book you’d love to read in the hands of someone else, makes us question whether we are good enough or not, what we did wrong, if we’re good bloggers or anything else… it’s a bit frustrating, at times. I think that getting ARCs is an incredible opportunity, even if it comes with a bit of pressure, it feels amazing to be able to promote books and help authors in these kind of ways 🙂
    Lovely post!! 🙂 x

    1. OH NO! I find it so difficult, like that bit you have to write about why you want it? I swear they only gave me the two ARCs because I sounded so needy and pathetic xD they’ve never given me one since!!
      It really does, you automatically start to compare yourself and you really shouldn’t (you especially Marie because your blog is lovely!!!)!
      but yeah, I completely agree, getting arc is amazing just for the fact that you get to promote the author, even better if its an author you love / a book you have been wanting for ages 🙂
      thanks so much Marie <3

  2. This post is just so relatable! ARCs can be the best and the worst thing about book blogging. While reading something before it even gets published sounds like the best thing that can ever happen, it takes so much to not fret about almost every hyped release that every other blogger seems to be getting their hands on except for us. Ugh, the struggle. But at the end of it all, it’s amazing if the book is great because we get to rave about it while not sounding annoying 😀

    1. Thank you Fanna!!
      I know, getting to read a book early is seriously the best feeling in the world, and not getting one is also the suckiest feeling!
      But it is lovely to be able to promote an authors work 🙂

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