top ten tuesday // books i could re-read forever

YES, this is a top ten tuesday that I am living for because I love to re read my favourite books so im super excited to do this list 🙂


Harry Potter series

This book whenever I looked at it is my childhood, my sister owned all the books and she used to lend them me as soon as she read the, now I don’t live at home anymore I brought my own set and although I wished I had my sisters set I still love mine and every time I dive back into this series I do it with a smile on my face because it will always be a book that I never tire of reading because its so magical and amazing and I could rave about it for hours.


an ember in the ashes series

I LOVED the first book in this series, like it was amazing total five out of five stars and I could read this book forever, SADLY the second book I didn’t like half as much. I’m actually planning a re-read of the whole series this year in in preparation for the final book in the series which although I didn’t like the second book very much im still so excited to read the third one, I have high hopes for it I just hope that it’s met and I’m not disappointed! 🙁

the illuminae files series

THIS SERIES OMG like I love this series so much and I can’t wait to read obsidio when it comes out because it is going to be AMAZING and just yes. I also plan to re read these books, I really like reading them, not only is the plot and everything about it amazing but the layout of the books make it a really fun and quick read and it’s quite an interesting layout it’s the first book I’ve seen like that and I really like how it’s set out.


the infernal devices series.

I’m just going to put it out here now that this won’t be the last book you see on here by Cassandra Clare sooo, sorry not sorry. I LOVE this whole series, Tessa and will are amazing and precious cinnamon roll that is jem <33333 I haven’t read this series in about 3/4 years and would love to re-read it again soon and see if I still love it as much as I did when I first read it, which hopefully I will because I love anything and everything that is shadowhunters! 😀

shades of magic series

I think I’m always going to have a special place in my heart for this series as it was the first series that interested my to Schwab and her wonderful writing and I haven’t looked back since because SHE IS SUCH A QUEEN, I love her and her writing so much and this book it just amazing, multiple Londons? red coats???? KELL????? ugh, I just love this series, I feel a reread coming on at some point this year for this series 🙂

the moral instruments series

told ya there was going to be more (there is gonna be one more after this and that’s it I promise). THIS BOOK, I loved the movie when it first came out and the tv show is okay?? like I haven’t had the urge to watch it because I haven’t heard the greatest things but we’ll see. THIS WAS THE FIRST EVER CASSANDRA CLARE BOOK I EVER PICKED UP. like ever, and I loved it and I think it was the 10th anniversary?? wow, I was 15 when this first came out. CRAZZZY, also how nice is that special edition they released? I want itttttt.

a court of thorns and roses series

this series, just wow I loved this series. I plan to re-read this series anyway because of a court of frost and starlight coming out this year, my ONLY problem is I’m scared about reading the first book??? because (no spoilers of course) we who have read the whole series know what happens with Tamlin and all that stuff so I’m unsure about how much I will enjoy the first book? someone who has done a reread since the third book leave it the comments if you still enjoyed the first book 🙂