I’m back // with a let’s chat???

I’m baccccckkk!
I miss it terribly, I’m sort of out of my reading/life slump so decided to come back, for the time being I’m not going to have any sort of real schedule, I’m just going to post as and when! 💕💕
I’ve also had a little new logo design made by my amazing fiancé (I did have to pester him loads to do it for me though)

So now I’ve got that little bit out of the way, today I thought we could chat about one of the things I HATE most in YA books, and that is girl on girl hate. SERIOUSLY, the amount of YA (I’d go more so for contemporary than fantasy) that has a lot of girl hate in it crazy. Real life isn’t always like that?? Yet in so many YA books I feel like it is used constantly in them 🙄🙄!!!

I just don’t understand why there is so much girl on girl hate? Surely YA women should be supporting each other in books not automatically creating some sort of petty squabbling relationship? It’s usually the same sort of thing, one would be the popular girl the other one not so much, or it would be something to do with them both liking the same guy? I want to see SO MUCH MORE amazing female friendships in YA books.

I can name SO MANY guy friendships in YA books (take the raven boys for example? or the darker shade of magic series??) Sadly, I can’t mention that many female friendships, not the ones that hated each other but are now friends but ones that are friends all the way through and it’s such a shame.

Basically, I just want to see some healthy girl friendships, girls supporting girls (think moxie), don’t get me wrong I love some of the friendships from books that I have listed above but I long for some awesome female friendships.


What do you think? Are you fed up of seeing a lack of female friendships in YA books?
Or are you the opposite and came name me some AWESOME recommendations below!!!??

top five wednesday // favourite urban fantasy books

but I had to put into google “urban ya fantasy books” to see if I had actually read them.
WOOPS, and I call myself a book lover.
turns out however I’ve read a fair few so below is my top 5 favourite urban fantasy books that I didn’t even realise were urban fantasy!

awkward smile animated GIF

so yeah, below are books that according to goodreads are urban fantasy.

” a subgenre of fantasy in which the narrative has an urban setting. Works of urban fantasy are set primarily in the real world and contain aspects of fantasy, such as the discovery of earthbound mythological creatures, coexistence or conflict between humans and paranormal beings, and other changes to city life. A contemporary setting is not strictly necessary for a work of urban fantasy: works of the genre may also take place in futuristic and historical settings, real or imagined. “


daughter of smoke and bone

this was my first ever book by laini taylor and i absolutely loved this book, sadly i didn’t enjoy the other two in the series but this book was friggin awesome. the main character was awesome and there were chimeras and angels and just everything awesome, maybe a bit to insta-lovey at times but it begins to make sense after the twist is explained and i’m a lot less confused, but yes. READ THIS SERIES, or maybe just the first book as it ended up being the only book in the series i enjoyed.


okay, i haven’t read this since 2016 but at the time this series blew me away and i’m pretty certain that if i was going to read it now i’d probably still do it with a big grin on my face, not only was this book amazing in so many different aspects the romance between penryn and raffe is still one of my alltime favourite ships, like YAS i can get on board with there romance, super cute and just i love them together.

the last magician

this book was definitely up there with my top favourite books of 2017, it blew me away i was seriously so surprised with how much i loved it.  our main character esta is amazing and the twists and turns in this book WILL SHOCK YOU, or at least it shocked me anyway??? soooo good, so so so good. like seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, PLEASEEE go and pick it up right now.


the raven boys

THIS SERIES IS AMAZING. soooo good, i also think it’s the only books by maggie that i’ve really enjoyed?!?!?! like yes, i’m all for this book and the sweet raven boys and i’m just waiting for blue and gansey and adam and ronan to get together and live happily ever after, like is it really too much to ask?? MAGGIE JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR ME. also, i am only on book two so if it has happened and i’ve got all this to look forward to watch this space because i will be for sure be one happy girly 🙂

the cruel prince

SO THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BOOK OF 2018 SO FAR. woops, just had to get that out here, and the fact that it’s classed as urban fantasy on goodreads means i get to ramble on about it some more so please pick this book up, the writing and the plot is just magical and if that doesn’t sway you then pick it up because you need to meet the badass main character jude and the swoony dark prince cardan.

what are your favourite urban fantasy books?

lets chat // blog hopping

happy Sunday everyone!! how quick does the weekend go??? seriously it kills me, i think weekends should be classed as friday-monday that way i only have to work three days a week, how fab would that be!!! 🙂

so, as per last Sunday I thought I’d make this a regular thing so today we are going to talk about blog hopping, why I do it, the benefits of it, maybe even why you should do it and all that good stuff! 🙂


so, I guess if you aren’t sure what blog hopping I shall explain it (very badly) for you. blog hopping is basically visiting other peoples blogs, leaving a like, a comment and all that good stuff that makes us bloggers happy to receive. basically, blog hopping is all about sharing the love!!!


  • SPREADING THE LOVE. this is so so so so important, seriously when I get a like, a page view, a comment it means so much to me because it means someone has taken the time out of their probably busy schedule to come on over and look at your blog, like it’s an amazing feeling and is the ultimate reason as to why I blog hop so often.
  • YOU CAN BE INSPIRED. this is so true, you could see a book tag, tips on making your blog better, so many different people’s blogs will inspire you in so many different ways and it’s a lovely feeling!
  • YOU CAN GROW YOUR BLOG, it may not happen all the time but if you leave a comment on someones blog they may return the favour, or if someone on that blog has read your comment and agrees with what you’ve said/ likes what they’ve said they may infact go over and check your blog!! So not only does blog hopping help other people but it can help you too!!!! 😀
  • YOU CAN MEET OTHER BLOGGERS, seriously I’ve found so many amazing blogs and people through blog hopping, it’s an amazing way to meet other people who love the same things as you!!!



See, everyone does this different ways, some people go on twitter, other people do blog loving – I however prefer to do WordPress. I just go on my reader every day / every other day and click on peoples blogs who have posted recently and share some love! I’m not going to lie to you, it is exhausting at times trying to fit it into my schedule but I don’t regret doing it for a second because I like the idea that my little comment has made someone happy on there blog today, it’s a great feeling!

Image result for zootopia smiling sloth gif

Do you blog hop? If not why? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.
If you do blog hop how do you do yours, do you enjoy doing it?

top five wednesday // favourite romance novels



this is basically going to be a little dedication to kasie west because when i want to read some cute, fluffy romance books her’s are the books i always go to read, so yep. haha! awks

ALSO, for me most of her books I’ve rated 5 star with the occasional 4 star I have loved them that much!! 🙂



Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

I think this is possibly my favourite book out of all of the one’s I’ve read of hers. it’s cute and fluffy and adorable and it’s got a fake relationship trope in it, I mean it was pretty predictable but I didn’t care at all when reading it because I just looooved it. like seriously, if you haven’t read anything by kasie west please do, especially this book as gia and Hayden were so so cute. aghhhhhhh!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

On The Fence by Kasie West

cute friend to lovers trope??? yes, kasie west is queen of putting the cute tropes I love into her books.
absolutely adorable moments between our main characters Charlie and Braden, like I rooted for them so much, I was 100% on there side just waiting for them to realise what was right infront of them. like, I read this book with a huge smile on my face. and all of her books are so quick and fast paced, it took me barely any time to read and its just so cute and mushy.

By Your Side by Kaise West

locked in a library??? with someone you have only heard bad things about??? turn into lovers????????
ugh so, so so good. like please tell me I’m selling these books to you and you will pick one up immediately and message me so we can fangirl together? I LOVE Dax and autumn (good anxiety rep here tooooo) also Dax is super dark and mysterious and your usual bad boy so I loved him. the first half of the book it way better then the second half since the first half is them being locked up together and the second half is what happens after!

The Distance between us by Kasie West

I loooooved our main character Caymen, she is sarcastic, a little bit socially awkward, she works at a doll shop (which I found super creepy) and she had such a dry sense of humour she was so funny. I loved the banter between her and Xander and the ‘career days’ stuff was adorable and super cute. west also touches on the wealthy/privilege side of things with this book which I found super interesting.


Pivot Point by Kasie West

This is actually the most recent book I have read from her and it was so good and I hope to read the next one in a few days (lol like that will happen I have about 84376394867 books to read before that). BUT YES, okay so not only does it have super cool powers in this book but it also has the cutest (slow burn) romance between Trevor and Addie is SO CUTE so bloody cute I am so looking forward to see what’s in store for them in the next book 🙂

have you read any books by kasie west? which one is your favourite?

what’s your top favourite romance book?

top ten tuesday // books I’m no longer interested in reading

hi everyone, welcome to another top ten tuesday // something that’s quickly becoming one of my favourite posts to write 🙂

today it’s all about books that i’ve lots interest in and will no longer bother reading, some of these books I own and others have just been sitting on my goodreads tbr for far to long!


perfect chemistry by simone elkeles

this has been on my goodreads tbr since 2016, i don’t own it and i don’t think I’ve ever seen it in my local bookstore? I’m pretty sure amazon has it though. it’s got an average rating of 4.07 on goodreads which is pretty good tbf but I think I’ve just lost interest in it, when I read the blurb it still sounds interesting but it’s been two years and I don’t own it and I don’t think I ever will so I think this is just one I’ve outgrown and no longer have any interest in.