These are a few of my favourite blogs….

So, I thought it was time to do a little shoutout to some blogs I follow that I love, so here’s a quick little post dedicated to a few of my favourite blogs! 😀
There are more of course, these just happen to be ones that I find myself frequenting often!

So the first one is the lovely Marty over at @ the cursed books! She is absolutely lovely and does such fun posts such as book reviews, book tags and an interesting post on what it’s like to be an international blogger! So if you aren’t following her already I highly recommend you go over to her blog and take a look for yourself! ?

Next there is Claire @ books coffee and repeat!! Her blog is one of the first ones I think I started to follow when I got into book blogging. We also buddy read one of the crappest books I’ve read this year which is always fun to do with someone else! You should definitely check out her bog, I get tons of book recommendations from her ?

Then there is Kelly over @ Carty’s Corner, my fellow british potter nerd! She does book reviews, film reviews, top ten Tuesdays and interesting posts such as Social Anxiety vs Introversion! You should definitely check out her blog ?

Lastly there is Cait @ Paper Fury. I’m pretty sure you are probably all following her amazing colourful blog and you probably all also no about her new book deal (YES CAIT!!!!), if you live under a rock and for some reason don’t know about her blog I highly recommend it as she posts some of the most hilarious posts! ?

I’d love to know some of your favourite blogs so leave them in the comments for me to check out! ??

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