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As soon as I saw this book to request on Netgalley I was drawn straight away to the cover, I mean come on – look how beautiful it is?!?! I have read Armentrout’s other contemporary and I enjoyed it, this one I did like but overall for me it was just an okay book.

For me, I didn’t find any of the characters very memorable, I can probably remember a handful of their names and there were quite a lot of characters. I like that this book touches on some really important topics such as survivors guilt and the loss of friends, and it was done well.

The romance wasn’t for me in this, I didn’t feel it was really necessary throughout the whole of the book, maybe at the end when Lena had finally accepted what had happened but I didn’t feel like it was needed that much, Sebastian was nice and all of course.

I thought there was an interesting message that came across from reading this book about not falling into peer pressure, but overall for me this book wasn’t my favourite read of this year.

The writing was good but I don’t think I’ve read a book by Armentrout that I’ve not liked the writing, I thought the general concept of the story was good and overall it was an okay book! ?

➡️ thank you to HQ young adult and Netgalley for the arc.

buddy read with Jen, make sure to check out her blog!<3


Firstly, a quick thank you to the author for sending me a copy of his book in return for an honest review!

This book was okay, I liked that the story was about three brothers, I’ve read a lot of fantasy books with a female as the main character recently so it was quite nice to have a change. The writing was nice and I liked that the Wild Hunt was in the novel, I found that part quite interesting to read.

I found that I didn’t like to trust anyone in this book! Nobody is what they seem (no spoilers here).

Overall this was an okay read ?

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