43 Bookish Questions

Hi guys!

So I thought i’d do something different and do a tag, who know’s maybe i’ll enjoy them? 🙂

I wanted to do a good tag, or at least one that I knew I would enjoy so i’m going to do the 43 bookish questions!

1. What was the last book I read?
The last book I read was Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy.

2. Was it a good one?
Urm, no. Sadly not.

3. What made it good?
Two things, Myers & Schwab

4. Would you recommend it to other people?
Hmm, possibly? Maybe?

5. How often do you read?
Almost every day, there are some day’s where I can’t – those are bad days.

6. Do you like to read?
Why yes, I do! ❤️

7. What was the last bad book you read?
See question 1.
Sadly it was the last bad book I read 🙁

8. What made you dislike it?
I didn’t like the writing of some of the authors, some of the stories were just to predictable and boring – or they just weren’t something I wanted to read.

9.  Do you wish to be a writer?
No, not really. I enjoy writing reviews and blogging but I don’t want to be a writer.

10. Has any book ever influenced you greatly?
There have been many books in total, i’d say the one that had the biggest impact on me this year was The Hate U Give – it opened my eyes to what the world is like.

11.  Do you read fan fiction?
Nope, it’s never been something that appeals to me, but you know what they say. Never say never!

12. Do you write fan fictions?
Nope, that is something that I don’t really have any interest in doing.

13.  What’s your favourite book?
See, this question is difficult.
My favourite book that i’ve read this year of my favourite book of all time?
These questions are difficult! ❌❌
Basing it on being asked my favourite book of all time, I would have to go with Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

14. What’s your least favourite book?
See, now this is just as difficult.
I did attempt to read the first book in the Iron Fey series and I ended up DNFing, it just wasn’t for me at all.

15. Do you prefer physical books or reading on a device?
Now that’s an easy question!
I much prefer a physical book, I like the feel of having one in my hands and being able to put them on a bookcase and have a physical tbr that I can actually see.

16.  When did you learn to read?
I have absolutely no idea.
You learn to read at school…

17.  What is your favourite book you had to read in school?
My English literature A-Levels I read the Great Gatsby that was probably my favourite out of all the books I had to read.

18. What is your favourite book series?
A Court of Thorns and Roses, Throne of Glass, Six of Crows, The Grisha Series.
Oh, sorry.
Was that not one?
Oops. ✌️

19. Who is your favourite author?
That’s a tough one!
I’d say it’s between Leigh Bardugo, Kaisie West & Sarah J Mass.

20. What is your favourite genre?
YA, Fantasy, Sci-fi  ✴️

21. Who is your favourite character in a book series?
That’s tough, I have 3 all time favourites!
Hermione Granger in Harry Potter
Kell Maresh in A Darker Shade of Magic
Chaol Westfall in Throne of Glass

22.  Has a book ever transported you somewhere else?
When hasn’t it, every time I pick up a book this happens.

23. Which book do you wish had a sequel?
Wow, that’s a hard one!!!
Let meeee think.
Paper Towns by John Green, I just wanted to know what happened to everyone after.

24. Which book do you wish DIDN’T have a sequel?
I hated Juliette and I only liked Warner, they should have just done a spin off series about him….

25. How long does it take you to read a book?
Well, depending on how interested I am in the book and loads of other factors it could take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks!

26.  Do you like when books become movies?
Sometimes, if they are done well.
Harry Potter was done brilliantly as was Me Before You but some are done terribly….

27. Which book was ruined by it’s movie adaption?
The Mortal Instruments movie 🙁

28. Which movie has done a book justice?
All the Harry Potter’s were brilliant.

29. Do you read newspapers?
Nope, most of them are trash and the one’s that aren’t and rather depressing 🙁

30.  Do you read magazines?
When i’m sitting at the hairdressers for three hours getting my hair done I do, other than that I don’t.

31. Do you prefer newspapers or magazines?
Neither really but if I had to choose i’d say magazines.

32. Do you read while in bed?
Sometimes, I find I get too sleep when I read in bed 🙂

33. Do you read while on the toilet?
Haha, sometimes. I usually just check instragram.

34. Do you usually read while in the car?
Nope, make me feel sick 🙁

35. Do you read while in the bath?
Nope, god. Can you imagine if you dropped the book in the bath?
No thanks, not taking any risks.

36. Are you a fast reader?
I can be sometimes.

37.  Are you a slow reader?
Sometimes, I guess it depends what i’m reading.

38. Where is your favourite place to read?
Curled up on my sofa in the living room ✌️

39. Is it hard for you to concentrate when you read?
I guess it depends on where i’m reading?
I’d probably say no though.

40. Do you need a room to be silent while you read?
Nope, I usually have the TV on while I read as some background noise

41. Who gave you your love for reading?
I’m not really sure, my mom reads book and my dad read’s graphic novel and both me and my older sister read.

42.  What is next on your list to read?
Nevernight & Genuine Fraud 🙂

43. When did you start to read chapter books?
No idea, but I remember Harry Potter was one of the first books.

Okay soooo.
This was supposed to be 50 questions but I was getting really bored…
Oh well!
If you want to do the 43 questions go for it ❤️❤️

Reading Challenge Chats



SOOOO… I did it.

So let me tell you a little story, I have an older sister who reads books as well and every year she beats me at how many books we are too read, she chose 120 books to read this year and guess what, I only went and did it and I beat her 😉

Not only did I read 120 books I enjoyed i’d say 110 of them as there were some that I ended up DNFing because they were just… bad and some that I read and were still pretty bad.

But yep, I did it and I still can’t believe it, I never imagined that I would read that many books ever, let alone finish these many books with still two and a bit months until the year ends.

Do you have a reading challenge?
If so i’d love to hear about it in the comments 🙂

Book Boyfriends

So, as most of you will know in the book world there are one thing that us fellow readers adore and that is book boyfriends and boy don’t we have a few! I probably have at least a hundred but I thought it would be good to narrow it down to my top 10 and tell you about them.

1. Sirius Black – Harry Potter

My all time favourite love and will forever be my number one, not only do I LOVE him in the books but I feel like Gary Oldman portrayed him amazingly in the films. Prisoner of Azkaban will always be my all-time favourite book.

2. Chaol Westfall – Throne of glass

I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory if you have me on GR because I adore Chaol Westfall the precious cinnamon roll and after reading Tower of Dawn I now only love him more which I didn’t think was even possible??

3. Kaz Brekker – Six of Crows

How do I begin to describe Kaz Brekker, what a perfect, perfect man. Not only would he protect me from all danger I think being part of his ‘crew’ would be so gooooood.

4. Josh Templeton – The Hating game.

He can hate me anyday.

5. Julian Blackthorn – Lord of Shadows

Swoon, marry me.

6. Jace Herondale – The Mortal Instruments

*Insert sarcastic comment here that makes me love him more*

7. Nikolai Lantsov – The Grisha Series


8. Ezra Mason – Illuminae

I’d get stuck on a spaceship with him…..

9. Rhysand – A court of Mist and Fury


10. August Flynn – Monsters of Verity

You handsome monster you…..

So there we have it, I guess I should officially change my name to Katherine Black-Westfall-Brekker-Templeton-Blackthorn-Herondale-Lantsov-Mason-Flynn.


I’d love to see in the commons who your top ten book boyfriends are and if we have any in common?

Massive TBR Chat


By the title of this post you can already expect what I’m talking about, yep the “elephant in the room”. The dreaded TBR. I don’t think you’re ready for what I’m about to say, I’m ashamed (lol only slightly) but my TBR stands currently at a whopping total of 1,741 books.

One thousand, seven hundred and forty one…

One thousand, seven hundred and forty…..

One thousand, seven hundred…

One thousand, seven….

One thousand….


Yep, I can’t believe it either, let’s ask ourselves, how did we let it get so bad and I have four amazing reasons which i’m sure a lot of you will be sitting there thinking “OMG KATHERINE, THOSE REASONS ARE MY REASONS TOO!!!!1111” 😊

1. Goodreads.

Yep, I’m incredibly active on goodreads, constantly posting myself, liking other people’s posts and reviews and that little “want to read” button just looks at me constantly begging me to click it and the next think I know I have and well, you get the jist of it really.

Pretty much if you are friends with me on GR it may be your fault, I may have read one of your reviews and added that book to my TBR, you could be one of those 1,741 books! 😊😊

2. Booktubers.

I’m late to this whole scene having only started watching booktubers I’d say over the past month, but my favourite videos are those books hauls or the upcoming releases and the next thing I know I’ve added twenty books to my TBR!!!

3. Authors.

We all have our favourite authors, don’t we?
And when those favourite authors bring out a book, even if you aren’t 100% sold on the book just yet, you add it to your TBR because it’s them and you’ll read anything they write.

*cough* Kaisie West, Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J Mass*cough*.

4. Upcoming Releases.

There are so many awesome books being released next year, whether it’s part of a series I’ve been reading or a new book all together that sounds amazing and I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT, I just have to have it added onto my TBR.

So as you can see, I like to blame everyone buy myself, but it’s pretty much my fault for wanting to read ALL the books.

I’d love to see you guy’s down in the comments for any tip’s on coping with such a large TBR, or just to chat in general! 😊