let’s chat // arcs and all that stuff???

hi everyone! I hope to make Sunday discussions a “thing” but I’m also pretty useless at being organised over these last two months that it might not actually happen but we will see.

today I thought we could chat about arcs, all the good stuff, the bad stuff and everything in-between! 🙂


I do, I just can’t help it! I get major arc envy when I see someone reading a book that I would love to get an arc of (children of blood and bone currently….), and I can’t help but them compare my blog to theres WHICH IS NOT THE THING TO DO. I need to stop comparing myself to others and love my blog and all it’s content regardless of if I get an arc for something or not.

I have to admit, netgalley is my life line when it comes to e-arcs and I would be lost without the website, edelweiss is a total different kettle of fish (lol) because I don’t really understand the whole website AND I HAVE BEEN ON THERE FOR LIKE 6 MONTHS AND HAVE ONLY GOTTEN 2. someone please show me your ways on edelweiss and help meeeee 🙁

I think I’m slowly learning that getting arcs or not getting them doesn’t make my blog worthless, I love my little blog and every single little follower I have on here!


they really are, or at least I find them stressful, you should see my notes on my phone they are a list of arcs from netgalley and when they are published and usually im so behind and I get so stressed because I always like to post my review a few days before so if you are not sure if its for you when you look at reviews mine will be up there weather its bad or good!



  • you get to promote the book and the author and get there book on other people’s radars and it’s a lovely feeling isn’t it?
  • most of the arcs i actually have gotten have all been e-arcs which means I can pretty much read them wherever I want, I can read them while I’m in the bath, while I’m at work you name it 🙂
  • requesting e-arcs is actually pretty easy, netgalley is my saviour for requesting arcs and a lot less daunting that requesting from a publisher which I find really difficult and never know what to say.
  • thanks to netgalley and edelweiss you don’t have to have a huge following to get an arc which is a lovely feeling for little blogs like mine!


  • as per my first point, you get jealous, it happens more often than not sadly and it does put you in a bit of a downer.
  • you compare yourself to others that have received arcs and you haven’t, wondering what’s different and all that stuff.
  • I’ve seen arcs being sold recently??? like what are those people even doing? don’t they realise that they will make it harder for bloggers to actually get arcs if they continue to do this!!
  • its can be incredibly stressful.

So basically, I have a big love/hate relationship with ARC’s and I’ll probably have one for a long time but I’m working on the self love and all that good stuff 🙂

I’d love to hear your opinion or ARC’s, do you love them or hate them? Do you have similar thoughts/insecurities as me? 🙂

top five wednesday // favourite f/f romances

happy valentines day my beautiful cherubs! 💖💕

its prob weird but I actually found this really hard???
I’ve read tons of m/m books but not as many f/f books, so you know what that means.

pleaseeee leave me recommendations in the comments of your f/f books below for me to add to my ever growing tbr, I will be forever grateful!

so instead, I’m going to mix things up a bit and list the top 5 f/f books that I can’t wait to read because I’ve heard nothing but good things about the books / the characters and the relationships.


1 ) queens of geek

this was actually a cover buy, it was all pink with a white font and just looked so aesthetically pleasing and I’d seen it around goodreads a few times so I knew it was going to be good. I’ve heard it has amazing own voice’s rep and has tons of diverse characters so I’m super excited to getting around to reading it this year. I’m pretty sure our main character Charlie is bisexual, Taylor is autistic and I have high hopes for lots of cute moments between Alyssa and Charlie like pleaseeeeee let there be cute moments between the girls! 😍😍😍

2 ) we are okay

I’ve had this on my tbr on goodreads for a whole year and intend to read it this year, well fingers crossed anyway I tend to say this and never read them for an entire year so we’ll see what happens!! xD
I do feel like this is going to break my heart and make me so incredibly sad but I totally don’t care because it sounds so good and I don’t care, I think it will be worth it. I can’t wait to see the relationship between Marin and Mabel and how it happens, I’ve heard such good things about it on goodreads from lots of people’s reviews so I have quite high expectations for this book. I feel like it’s going to be really character driven and I just can’t wait!

3 ) 1o things I can see from here

shoutout to the cover of this because it is so pretty and pinky-orange-y and just so gorgeous!! I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about this book but I think I’m still going to give it a shot, a lot of people say that the f/f relationship in this book is good but it falls short in other aspects but I’m still looking forward to giving it a chance! 🙂

4 ) radio silence

this book I’ve heard nothing but good things about how diverse it is, how amazing the character is and just how amazing the book in general is. and I’m just going to leave it at that as I know I’m going to enjoy this book, I’m going to predict this one as a 5 star read so watch this space! 😁😁😁😁😁

5 ) how to make a wish

now this one, I don’t actually know a whole lot about it, but just from reading the blurb and a few of the reviews I think it’s going to be amazing and heartbreaking and I’m going to fall hard and fast for these amazing sounding characters and it’s probably going to break my heart but I’m also totally okay with that.

Who are your favourite couples, and have you read any of the books I’ve listed above??
Pleaseeee leave me recommendations of your favourite f/f romance books so I can read them 💖💖💖💖


top ten tuesday // i ramble about bookish couples i love

so I was trying to mix this up but it’s basically going to be my favourite couples, there cute moments and my all time OTP’s because i just love all things cute and fluffy and romantic and all that sort of stuff!!!


1 ) the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue

okay, so I read this book late last year and it seriously blew me away, I was so surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it as I haven’t reading read anything historical for a long time, obviously I cannot say how accurate things were when it came to the history of it but I still loved it. monty + percy were just perfect for each other, I think they are in the top 5 of my favourite m/m romances as I just loved them they are so cute and the scenes together in the book are just amazing, they are so cute and fluffy and also incredibly hilarious and I throughly recommend this book to anyone!!!

2 ) lady midnight

tbh, it’s probably the dark artifices series in general for this one?? like the amount of cute and adorable romance(s) in this book is crazy, my heart bleeds for emma and julian, like pleaaasseee cut them a break and give them a happy ending, i need this like crazzzzzy! I also love mark and Christina and I’m crossing my fingers for something cute to happen between kit and ty, like please. basically, I want so much from the next book it is ridiculous!!!

3 ) the moral instruments

okay, so clary + jace, Simon + izzy and Magnus + Alec for sure share a cute stop in my top OTP, like I love every single one of them howeverrrrr I do say that with a pinch of salt as I haven’t read the series in forever. I do plan to re read this series soon so watch this place as I’m excited to see if I change my mind about any of this. I do love Magnus + Alec so much tho, they are super cute!! and I really like them in the shadowhunters series even tho I’ve only seen the first season of that then stopped?? (someone please tell me if I should carry on because I’m so unsure???)

4 ) harry potter

everyone has the official number one otp that can’t be topped and for me Hermione and Ron are this, like I love them so much – although there was a period while reading the books that I totally hipped Hermione and harry together I’m still over the moon that ‘mione and Ron got together, like thank you j k Rowling for setting that ship to sail THANKYOUUUU. but yeah, basically they are my all time favourite couple and every time i read the books when they kiss after getting rid of the horcrux I seriously have the biggest grin on my face it’s amazing (and probably a little pathetic???)

5 ) shatter me

I have the biggest love/hate relationship with this book, I for sure want to re-read soon and go in with a big open mind but I hate Juliette. that being said I absolutely love Warner and although Juliette is a stupid annoying little brat I ship them together so bad. like I am so excited for restore me so I can finally see what happens and if I heard right I think we get something from warners pov?? LIKE YES PLEASE SIGN ME UP RIGHT NOW.

6 ) simon vs

okay, this book gave me all the cute feels and I ship Simon and blue so much like thank you becky albertalli for creating such a wonderful book with such an amazing cast of characters. I’m equally excited for the film to see how much it differs/doesn’t differ from the book and there are so many awkward but cute moments in this book that I could probably write a whole post on them!!! (lol, better not), but yeah — if for whatever reason you haven’t pick this up yet PLEASE DO, like it’s life changing im sure of it.

7 ) the raven boys

I’m only on book two, I do have the other two of my shelf to pick up but even so I love Gansey and blue, like I’m really hoping Maggie gives them a happy ending because I’m going to be so upset if they don’t get one. I’m also crossing my fingers for something to happen with Ronan and Adam?? like how cute are they together guys? let the ship sail because I 100% support them as a couple, Ronan’s so moody and destructive and Adam is the complete opposite and it’s just lovely and cute and perfect and yes please.

8 ) they both die at the end

I read this book I January and it blew me away, like Mateo and Rufus are seriously such incredible characters, Adam silvera has done such a good job creating two amazing characters, and even though the title should have obviously prepared me for what was going to happen I still wished that they had more time together because although there romance was so short it was obvious how much they truly cared for each other and I shipped them so bad together it’s ridiculous, I just love them both so much!!!

9 ) the cruel prince

the love to hate amazing trope in this book between our sarcastic little prince and our badass main character??? ugh yes, I loved this book and the romance was amazing and slow burning and just so good. I have high hopes for the second book even thought I have to wait 20 billion years (1 year and however many months) but I’m also prepared to be crushed and ruined by said book and I can’t wait. I just love them together so bad and please read this book and enjoy the cute romantic swoony scenes, the slow burn romance andddddd the just the awesomeness of Jude and cardan (his name reminds me of cardamon and I keep calling him that in my head…)

10 ) stalking jack the ripper

I keep looking at hunting prince Dracula on my shelf and keep wondering why I haven’t picked it up yet. Thomas and Audrey are actual goals, the banter and the romance and just the general friendship these two have is perfect for me, he is sarcastic and stubborn and so so so charming and Audrey is fierce and brave and probably just as stubborn and head strong as Thomas is and I just love them together, there romance is just so perfect and they are in my top 5 OTP’s and I can’t wait to finally pick up the second book (and order the third) like so, so, soooooooooo cute.

Who are your all time couple’s / OTP’s, I’d love to see below in the comments! 🙂
hopefully we have some that are the same and we can fangirl together over how cute they areeeee! 😍😍😍😍

let the sky fall // cool powers but awful romance :(

let the sky fall by shannon messenger
published 5th march 2013 by Simon pulse


i feel like i’m reading a lot of 3 star books lately and it’s pretty sucky, not gonna lie. I’m still not sure how i feel about this just yet, like i don’t love it and i wouldn’t say i hate it, i’m just left somewhere in-between which doesn’t mean this is a bad book at all.

one of our main character is vane, half the time i thought he was good and the other half i thought he was a complete idiot. i felt like he had the most personality out of all the characters, and i liked that he sounded like a teenage guy instead of transforming into some hero who knew all the answers. that being said he is also so annoying and is obsessed with Audra and the idea of her wearing skimpy clothes? like please give it a rest, it was funny the first time but i don’t need to hear about it every other chapter, please stop 🙂

“We were two broken, incomplete people. Now we’re one. No one will ever understand me the way she will. No one will ever understand her the way I will.”

Audra who is our second main character (it’s from two POV’s) i didn’t really like. it thought she was very one dimensional and lacking in personality, i don’t know if she was made that way because of all the guilt she feels because of what happened that day so she became sort of one dimensional because of that fact but i don’t know, i just didn’t really like her very much. she bugged me a lot, like so much. i felt like considering she was supposed to be vane’s guardian to make sure he was looked after and to help with with his new powers it was very much “about her” and it was super frustrating.

as for the romance other than the fact it was a whole bucket load of insta love i also saw no chemistry between the pair? like what did they see in each other i just didn’t get it. Vane was practically in love with her before he even met her which i thought was bloody ridiculous but whatever.

“Infinite possibilities. And none of them matter.
What matters is here and now.”

there were a lot of good things about this book, the general wind power thingy (I’m not sure if it has an actual name for it???), that bit was awesome and the battle and the idea of the world sort of ending if the bad guys win was so interesting, that bit made me want to continue reading because it was super interesting.

overall it wasn’t an awful book, there were a few bad tropes in it that i didn’t really enjoy and i’m not sure if I’m going to carry it on but we’ll see! 🙂

the unbecoming of mara dyer // come to me noah shaw and the book was way better than i expected

the unbecoming of mara dyer by michelle hodkin
published september 27th 2011 by simon & schuster

🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

okay, so this book has a lot of hype around it, good and bad and i’ve had it on my tbr since may 24th 2015 and im finally reading it now, it’s only taken me NEARLY 3 YEARS, so yeah i was a little worried on if i would like it or not because my tastes have changed as i’ve gotten older but this was sooooo good it really surprised me just how much i enjoyed this.

okay so our main character is mara and she was okay as far as main characters in a ya book go, she wasn’t the most annoying i have read about but she was still annoying. i spent most of the book trying to figure her out and i still have no clue what she is or how she can do what she can do, it is some really weird ptsd side effect that’s been created or is it something creepy and supernatural or maybe she is really dead??? the latter, of course, wouldn’t make any sense but i’m going to throw my ideas out there. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

“Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.”

i could write a whole review on noah shaw because he made this book for me, i am officially in love with him he is hot and british and there is just so much more i want to find out about him, i feel like he fits mara quite nicely and he truly cares about her, mood swings and all. also, he is super charming and charismatic with a great hint of sarcasm and i think if he wasn’t in this book i’d probably have stopped reading it a long time ago, or you know i probably wouldn’t have carried on the series but i can’t wait to get my hands on the second book.

the romance in this book was super cute, it wasn’t the whole wham bam were are soulmates who were destined to be with each other and i loved you from the second i laid my eyes on you. nooo, this was a bit of a slow burn romance but it sets the way for no doubt lots of love-y dove-y cutesy stuff in the never few books between mara and noah (it better anyway).

“You’re mistaking bitter animosity for heartfelt affection.”

after ending on a cliffhanger THAT I DIDN’T EXPECT, i mean usually i think i’m quite good at predicting things but that was one that i never even thought of. i love it and hate it when a book lands on a cliffhanger, especially when i’m poor and have to wait till next payday to buy any more books 🙁 🙁 🙁

basically, this book was a lot better than i anticipated it to be, it had a few cliches that comes with young adults books (especially ones written so long ago) but i’m so glad that i kept it on my goodreads shelf and i’ve finally gotten around to reading it. i need more noah shaw now 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍





jan wrap up // i read loads but blogged a bit??

seriously, i’m awful at this blogging thing, thank you to every wonderful one of you that has stuck with me!!!

boring stuff

○  i was basically really crap at blogging and barely did it this month which i apologize for, fingers crossed for next month??? lol.

○ works kicking my ass, seriously we are so busy when i get home all i want to do is sleep and watch tv.

○ TALKING ABOUT TV, i finished the whole chicago fire i am up to date and i’m very happy, back to watching one tree hill and loving lucas scott.

○ my nans is currently in hospital (but looking better, yay!!!!), so my times is being spent in the evenings with her

○ i hit 44 followers on here! yeah, it’s not much but i’m grateful to every single wonderful one of you!!!!


the good stuff

○ I BROUGHT ONE BOOK. one, how good is that? lol, im poor so that’s the only reason, i brought batman:nightwalker by marie lu and its sat on my shelf ever since. how very like me.

○ i read 18 books which puts me one book ahead in my reading challenge AND I’M SOOO HAPPY. i am in competition with my sister who has read 22 books!! i blame chicago fire for being too dramatic and good and stopping me from reading xD

○ i got approved for 3 books that i am super excited to read this year which are to kill a kingdom, the belles (WHICH I LOVED,


the books

fave book i read this month is between they both die at the end andddddd the cruel prince, i can’t choose.
○ the cruel prince // 5*
○ we are the ants // 5*
○ along the indigo // 3*
○ ready player one // 2*
○ words in deep blue // 4*
○ pivot point // 5*
○ lucky girl // 4*
○ love & gelato // 3*
○ the hazel wood // 3*
○ the dream thieves // 3*
○ extraordinary means // 3*
○ eleanor oliphant is completely fine // 5*
○ the last namsara // 4*
○ the black witch // 2*
○ at the edge of the universe // 4*
○ ice like fire // 4*
○  they both die at the end // 5*
○ hush, hush // 3*


posts i loved over the blogging hemisphere or stuff like that??

○ evelina @ avalinah’s book space wrote a great blog post on creating a netgalley and edelweiss profile
marie @ drizzle and hurricane wrote a great post on blog hopping, why you should do it and all that good stuff.
○ savannah @ the book prophet posted about why promoting diverse books is important (which everyone agrees i’m sure)


plans for next month

○ i should probably go back to the gym and be drink more water (go kat!!!)
○ stick to my book buying ban and don’t buy any books next month !!!!!
○ stop requesting SOOOO many books on netgalley
○ finish all the books i’m currently reading (12 books lol help me)
○ maybe post more regularly??
○ don’t be so hard on myself and compare myself to others.

how was your january?? did you read any amazing books like me??
any goals for next month?? 🙂

the belles arc review // amazing writing and characters and i basically love it???


The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton
Published February 6th 2018 by Disney-Hyperion


cw – sexual assult

as soon as i saw this book on goodreads last year i knew that i needed it, it was one of my more anticipated releases of 2018 and i can easily say that it was as good as i thought it would be, i absolutely loved it! 😊 when i first read the blurb of this book it reminded me a little of the selection which i loved so i did of course have very high hopes for this book 😊

the descriptions in this book are incredible, the mention of food and drink had my mouth watering, the dresses sound marvelous – just everything looked and sounded so perfect and the characters in this book were just as vivid as everything else. camellia is our main character and she is amazing, she is compassionate and brave but she has her own flaws which she struggles with just like anyone else. she strives to be the best but she has to pay the price, which sometimes isn’t worth it as our main character finds out throughout this book.

“You can never be clean enough, pretty enough, or smart enough.” 

it’s not just the main character that is complex, the side characters are amazing, i think remy has to be my favourite out of them all along with all the other belles!

the idea of beauty in this book is crazy, like they are obsessed and the procedures sound so painful like no thank you. there are laws surrounding beauty in what can be done and what can’t be done, waists can only go so small, breasts can only go so large, it’s crazy what people will do in the pursuit of beauty and how far some of the characters in this book will go to be “the most beautiful”

“No one is a prisoner. Even you have the power to make your own choices.” 

there were so many twists and turns in this book that i didn’t see coming which made it such an exciting read, i wishes we got to learn about the belle’s in even more detail as i still have so many questions. i actually didn’t realise that this was going to be a series so when i was on the last action packed chapters i was getting very confused as to how it was going to wrap up, thankfully it’s going to be a series because that was one hell of a cliffhanger ending.

overall, i looooooved this book, it exceeded it expectations in my eyes and i’m so sad that i have to wait forever for the next book.

thank you to netgalley + the publisher for the arc

top ten tuesday // books i like but can’t remember anything about it

Like so much!!!
A few weeks ago I was sorting out my bookcases and the number of books I picked up that I couldn’t remember a thing about was crazy, I think some rereads are in order this year 🙂


1) Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Okay, so this book I intend to re-read this year (hopefully) anyway, I don’t remember much but I gave it three stars the first time around so I don’t think I enjoyed it, I remember it just being very slow paced and I wasn’t feeling something slow at that point. After reading such great reviews about not only this book but the rest of the books in the series so although I don’t remember much I shall 100% be picking this up again for a reread, watch this space and all that jazz 🙂


2) Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman

Okay, off the top of my head without looking at my old review on Goodreads I think this about a girl who goes to a camp and her best friend has died that summer? BOOM I WAS RIGHT. well, half right is about a summer camp for troubled teens and it’s her sister that dies not her friend so pretty close. I think I enjoyed it when I read it start of last year as I gave it 4 stars but I can’t remember anything that happened. Apparently according to my review past Katherine found the first half boring and the second half really good xD

3) I Was Here by Gayle Forman

HER FRIEND DIES IN THIS ONE. I knew a friend died in one of the books I read, I just couldn’t remember which one. Other than that was what happened in the book (it’s not a spoiler, it’s written in the blurb) I don’t remember a single thing, apparently, I rated it 3.5 stars so I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other two books. Past Katherine thought that the plot was overdone and was overshadowed by the romance, wow! Past Katherine wasn’t easy to please by the sound of it! xD

4) This Lullaby by Sara Dessen

I feel like this was about a wedding? I don’t even remember, it was my first book I read by Sara Dessen and I remember really enjoying it at the time. RIGHT, so according to the blurb her mom is on her fifth husband so maybe that’s where I got weddings from, turns out the main character is Remy and her love interest is Dexter -I REMEMBER NONE OF THAT. But, I gave it four stars at the time so I must have really enjoyed it when I read it! Maybe I’ll give it a reread and see what I think this time around 🙂


5) Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales

When sorting out my bookshelf I actually had to check Goodreads to see if I had read this book and it was on the wrong bookcase (I have a bookcase of read books and one of to-read) but it turned out I have no idea what it’s about, even now after reading the blurb not long ago I still can’t remember what it’s about. I gave it three stars and in my review, I talk about how annoying the main character is and her family and that I didn’t really like the plot. I was generous though and gave it 3 stars?

6) My Hearts and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

I think this may be a book that has a mental illness in, I’m not 100% sure, I’m going to definitely have to check Goodreads for this one! Okay, so looks like at the time I read it I gave it 4 stars!! It’s a shame I don’t remember much more about it 🙁
It’s about suicide by reading the blurb so it’s for sure a content warning on this book so if you do plan on reading it, be careful.


7) Lady Renegades by Rachel Hawkins

I loved the first book in the series, Rebel Belle was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend that book, read it seriously, you’ll thank me later, it’s hilarious!!! This book, of course, follows our main character Haper and her boyfriend David but that’s about it, when I read it I know I loved it but whether it’s because it’s part of a series or what but I clearly remember everything about the first book but not much about the rest, I think I may have to re-read this series 🙂

8) Inside Out by Maria V Snyder

The only thing I remember about this book was that I bought it because it was 99p on kindle or it was free, one of them anyway 🙂 Apparently I gave it 3.5 stars according to my review as it felt like a very rushed book! But yeah, I can’t remember much about this book but I have started one of her other books Poison Study and I am loving it, highly recommend! 🙂



9) The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The one thing I remember about this book is that I didn’t like it, I can’t remember for the life of me why I just know that I ended up DNFing halfway through, according to my review it was an “it’s not you, it’s me” thing with this book. I am tempted to maybe pick this up again as I’ve heard such good things about this book by lots of people on Goodreads and I believe that Julie is releasing a new book this year that sounds super interesting 🙂


10) The Suffering Tree by Elle Cosimano

This is another book that I don’t remember anything about other than the fact I didn’t like it. According to Goodreads, I gave this 2 stars (which means I reaaaalllyyy didn’t like it). I thought there was no build up to the story and there was no character development and it was boring. Wowww, salty Katherine. That’s one book I for sure won’t be picking up to re-read anytime soon xD


So, do you agree with any of the books on my list?

What books have you read that you remember barley anything about?

Let’s chat in the comments 💖💖💖💖💖💖


extraordinary means review // interesting concept but a flat romance

Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider
Published May 26th 2015 by Katherine Tegen Books.

🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

Okay, I feel like I should confess that I didn’t know what this book was about when I picked it up, I think it has just been one of those books that had been sitting on my shelf for far too long and it was finally time to pick it up. So, I was shocked to find out it was about terminally ill teens, the last book I read like that which was The Fault in Our Stars and I loved that so I had hopes that this would be a sweet, heart-breaking story.

This book is about teenagers suffering with TB, we see this from two different perspectives from Sadie and Lane who both suffer from TB, we follow their journey in Latham and watch them develop a relationship and sadly, I didn’t feel like I was very devoted to watched their relationship evolve, if anything I found it a little bit boring. I did enjoy the characters on their own (okay, not all of them), I especially loved the idea of Latham and seeing different sides of how teenagers feel, there is even one bit of the book when we get to read about what it was like for one person going back to ” normal society” and how they were treated.

“That’s all you can do in this world, no matter how strong the current beats against you, or how heavy your burden, or how tragic your love story. You keep going.” 

I much preferred Lane as our main character to Sadie, I like how he was still trying to keep up with school, trying to keep out of trouble as he really wanted to go home, until Sadie and her friends let him into their clique. Sadie was an okay character, I just didn’t understand why she risked doing something of the things she did when she was very lucky to be having the care and treatment that not everybody can have.

Overall this book was okay, it was a bit predictable at times, I liked Lane and I really enjoyed the whole idea of Latham and seeing how different these people were treated outside of Latham was quite a shock for me and incredibly eye opening. Robyn Schneider has amazing writing and I will be reading some of her other work in the future.

the hazel wood arc review // creepy setting but a bit of a let down????

Okay, I need to say that this is a good book, the writing is absolutely breath-taking and the world that has been created just blew me away, like I was surprised by just how much this world and it’s dark and creepy fairy tales captivated me.

I think if this book was just set in Hinterland I probably would have rated it higher as that’s what I did expect from it but a lot of it was set in New York with Ella and Alice on the road. ALSO, it was so, so, so slow. Like the pacing in the first half was ridiculous and I was bored, I hate being bored while reading a book but I was.

“Look until the leaves turn red, sew the worlds up with thread. If your journey’s left undone, fear the rising of the sun.” 

Then there were the characters and other than Finch who we didn’t get to see that much of really I didn’t like any of the characters and some of them weren’t really in it long enough or we didn’t find out much about them for me to really care, which is a shame since some of them had potential to be so unique and interesting.

The second half is where it picks up a bit as we get to see the Hinterland and lots of different fairy tales and that was pretty cool, we also got to meet some other character but like I said before they all fell a little flat.

“We were each our own island, gathered together into one messed-up archipelago.” 

As for the ending I just wanted something more?

I wasn’t as impressed with this book as I thought I would be but the story and the writing I can’t deny how good that was, the fairy tales although incredibly creepy at times were amazing and I just wish we had more of them!

Actual rating – 3.5 stars.

Thank you to Netgalley & the publisher for the arc!


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